CCTV Systems are a critical part of a Security System, they help in maintaining a secure property and provide a safe working environment to the people. If you have an older CCTV Camera System, you may not be getting very much value out of CCTV Footage. Upgrading to an IP-Based CCTV Camera System can greatly improve security.

The following are few reasons you should upgrade your old Analog CCTV System to a newer, better IP Based Surveillance Cameras.


Higher Image Quality

IP based CCTV Cameras have image resolution which is up to 20 time higher than an analog Camera. We’ve all seen the grainy footage from an Analog CCTV. New IP cameras, using HD Technologies, results in High-Resolution footage, providing a clear picture, which can be further enhanced using many powerful software. This can be crucial when identifying people from past records.


Remote Access

IP Based CCTV Cameras exist as a part of a network that can be connected to the internet. This means that it is possible to access the camera from any location and view what’s happening in real-time from any device. This can be helpful particularly when an Alarm is triggered, or any suspicious activity is detected when you are away from your property.



It is difficult to expand an analog camera system, because of the limited number of ports in a typical analog equipment, which may require additional expensive component. IP Based Surveillance systems are designed with scalability in mind. They can accept an unlimited number of cameras, making it easier to scale up as security needs change.


As technology continues to progress, options for upgrading a CCTV system become more cost-effective and easier to install. Upgrading the old analog CCTVs to an IP-based surveillance system will improve the overall security of the organization.

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