Starlight cameras are becoming very popular. The name is synonymous with colour at night technology and offers impressive results.

For a common consumer, starlight can be a pretty confusing term to understand. What is a Starlight camera? How does it work and how is it different from the Infrared Night Vision Cameras?

We will try to clarify these points and how they can be beneficial to you.


What Are Starlight Cameras

Starlight Cameras are cameras which have special sensors, which provide improved night vision in low light conditions. It can see things which our naked eyes cannot see. Human eyes cannot identify things when the light level goes below 20 Lux. Starlight Cameras offer clearer and sharper looking image even in 0 Lux conditions, because of the exceptional sensitivity of the starlight sensor


How Do Starlight Night Vision Cameras Work?

Starlight Cameras work on the latest sensor technology that have sophisticated noise suppression quality that results in clearer night vision.

These Starlight Sensors are larger than traditional CCTV Sensors and have a wider aperture and reduced Shutter Speed. This allows more light to reach the sensor, therefore, providing exceptional full-colour images in dark conditions. This is enough to recognize Human Faces ad Vehicle Number Plates, even when human eyes couldn’t see it.


Colour Night Vision vs. Black & White Night Vision

Starlight Cameras can provide both Colour and Black & White Night Vision. When lighting conditions worsen or if it is too dark, these starlight cameras can switch to Black & White Night Vision.  This Black & White footage of dark scenes will still be very clear compared to that of a standard CCTV Camera, because of their very sensitive sensors.

Starlight cameras will always choose the best option, black & white or colour based on the lighting scenario. This can also be chosen manually.



What’s the Difference Between IR and Starlight Night Vision

Starlight Surveillance Systems have better night vision capability compared to a typical IR Based Night Vision CCTV Cameras in terms of clarity and quality of images in low or no lighting conditions.

Where IR Based camera would have to turn on their Infra-Red LED Lights during the night to work, Starlight Cameras could make the most out of the natural light to produce superior image quality, thanks to their Advanced Sensors.



Why Choose Starlight Camera instead of IR Based Cameras


#1. Starlight Security Cameras Have Better Clarity

As mentioned earlier, starlight cameras have very sensitive sensors, and specific lenses, which promise exceptional, High Definition Night Vision image.

This means that you will be able to identify people’s faces and see number plates even at low or no light conditions when other cameras will fail to identify any detail.


#2. Starlight IP Cameras Can See Further

Compared to an IR Based CCTV Camera which relies on the Reflection of Infra-Red LEDs to produce an image, the starlight camera uses the natural light coming from other sources. Since there is no dependency on the InfraRed LEDs, starlight cameras could see further, like the people across the street and the signboard of faraway buildings.


Where Should You Use Starlight CCTV Cameras

With all these great improvements in the Night Vision, the Starlight Cameras have more advantages in the open fields for their far-reaching Night Vision.

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