With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it is inevitable that new products and solutions will evolve the security industry.
These are used as a solution to help businesses for identifying and detecting intruders, tracking people or objects, sending alarms on types of behaviour, etc

Using video analytics make the surveillance system more efficient and also reduces the workload on the management.
There are numerous video analytic features that Intsys can integrate with a Surveillance System.


What is Video analytics technologies?

Video analytics is a technology that uses software to automatically identify specific objects, behaviour or attitudes in video footage. It is basically used for intrusion detection.

It has the capability to analyse a video to detect, classify, recognise or identify any type of event that has been set in the VMS software.
Video analytics technology works best for scenarios where many CCTV cameras installed.


Why Video analytics is required?

With so many cameras installed, recording and continuously transmitting video, it becomes difficult for a human to monitor and analyse all these video recordings in order to detect suspicious activities.

Video analytics technology enables a business to manage the huge amount of video footage recorded by CCTVs and turn it into useful information.

This turns the cameras into a predictive tool that helps to spot problems and prevent incidents in an efficient way, rather than just filming everything and browsing through all the footage.


Solutions we offer

  • Motion Detection – The CCTV system will only record when there is a motion of a person or vehicle detected. This saves a lot of storage and makes investigation easier, as only the parts with any movement are recorded.
  • Line Crossing – Line crossing allows to lines to a specific area seen on the camera that should not be crossed. If this line is crossed, it can trigger the NVR to begin recording, send an alert or even sound an alarm.
  • Number Plate Recognition – This feature allows the camera to detect a vehicle’s licence plate that we can then integrate with boom barriers or other systems for behaviour monitoring. It also allows determining the direction of movement of vehicles
  • Reverse Direction Motion – When motion is detected in a specific direction, an alarm is triggered. We can provide wide flexibility in defining areas of activity thresholds to minimize false alarms.
  • Object Missing – An alarm triggers when a stationary object, such as a box, is removed from a selected area. This analytic behaviour allows the user to define an object to focus on, and if that object is removed, an alarm is triggered.
  • Object Abandoned – An alarm triggers when a stationary object appears and remains in a scene, such as a person leaving a bag in the main lobby.
  • Auto Tracking – Pan/tile/zoom capability to track vehicles or humans entering or stopping in the defined region. Once identified, the camera locks on and follows the subject’s path.
  • Intrusion Detection – Intrusion detection allows monitoring of key areas within the video that should not have movement. This is perfect for monitoring hazardous areas, customs locations, danger zones and restricted areas of concern, and alerts of changes that occur within that virtual area.



While the CCTVs were used for prevention of thefts and break-ins, with advancements in technologies, we can now integrate the CCTV System with various Video Analytics for a smarter use case, rather than waiting for the incident to happen and investigate later.

Apart from this we also offer various System Integration services of CCTVs with:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Public Address System
  • Access Control System
  • Packet Tracking System
  • etc

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