Intsys & SCAIME

Intsys, through its partnership with SCAIME, brings their world renowned and innovative products & solutions to India. With our in-house expertise in Application design and local sales & service support, Intsys is geared up to cater to diverse industry requirements. Please visit to view the complete range of products and solutions offered by us and our exhaustive product & application documentation.

Weighing & Measurement Solutions for industry

SCAIME is a renowned player in the measurement industry. With over 30 years of experience, SCAIME is one of the world leaders in weighing for automated systems and a specialist in measurement for industry and structural monitoring by means of fibre optics. SCAIME has a worldwide network, provided by a presence in more than 65 countries in collaboration with specialist partners and distributors.

SCAIME Major Verticals

Weighing & Automation
A leader in the integration of weighing into automated processes. Scaime offers weighing components and solutions for manufacturing scales and controlling production processes.
  • Load cells
  • Mounting kits for tanks and silos
  • Weighing indicators and controllers
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Tests & Measurements
Creator of measurement and control solutions Our solutions for measuring strain, force, torque and displacement meet the requirements of test and control applications in the manufacturing industry.
    • Force, torque and displacement sensors
    • Extensometers
    • Measurement electronics
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Fibre-optic measurement

Specialist in fibre-optic measurement

Our fibre-optic measurement systems enable the implementation of solutions for monitoring the integrity of structures in the most critical environments.

    • Optical acquisition systems
    • Fibre Bragg grating, deformation, temperature, displacement or acceleration sensors
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