Fire Alarm Systems Including VESDA

Before the tiniest hint of a possible threat fire breaks up, fire alarm systems are designed to sense the threat and transmit signals to trigger the fire alarm system. Intelligent System Intelligent Fire detection systems embrace latest technology to rapidly detect fire hazards and notify the relevant authorities, enabling them to take appropriate actions. When we look at the right place at the right time and address the issues promptly, most of the disasters can be avoided, Intelligent Fire Detection systems does that for you. The alarms are configured precisely to identify slightest hints of fire threats, round the clock. Interestingly, the systems are smart enough to capture information about any Incidents and history of fire alarm triggers, facilitating improvements in the current system to be better prepared for future threats.

Here's What We Bring to the Table

- Absolute smoke measurement is provided with the industry’s only optical solution which alerts even at the slightest of smoke detection. - Engineers are trained in FM and UL approved security standards - Design and layout of the safety solutions is the key differentiating factor.

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