Turnkey Solutions Batching, Material Handling & Process

From up-gradation of manual systems to Turnkey supplies of the complete Batching system, our ability to effectively leverage our expertise helps us in providing the optimum solution. We have executed various Bulk solids & Liquid Batching systems with diverse requirements of Speed, Accuracy, Remote monitoring, Secrecy of formulation etc.

Some of our prestigious Customers include,
  • MYK Schaumburg, India
  • Al-Jobar, Qatar
  • Aquafin, USA
  • BARC, India
  • IPSA Texchem, India
  • United Phosphorous Ltd, India
  • Frigmaires Engineers, India
Dry Mix concrete batching systems
We have supplied multiple systems for Dry mix concrete batching systems. These systems using PLC, SCADA require dosing of Cement, Sand, Aggregates, with control of upstream & downstream processes of material handling and mixing, bagging.

BARC, India
A high accuracy batching system was designed & manufactured for Dosing of Radioactive Isotopes in inert atmosphere. The key here was Micro Dosing Radioactive fuels into 70 gram bottles with a resolution of 0.01 grams.

Our scope included complete detailed engineering, Design, Manufacture and Supply of a Liquid Batching System for Petrochemical oils along with SCADA and Modem Interface. 26 different raw materials are being dosed in four different Reactors. The customer feeds recipes, accesses report of the batch plant at Gujarat online from his office in Mumbai through Modem Interface.

United Phosporous Ltd, India
The automation system using PLC, HMI to control a highly critical reaction to produce Phosphine gas was supplied to this customer. The reaction being explosive, poisonous and non-retractable once started, the control system supplied had to be highly reliable with redundancy in power & control elements. The systems were CE certified for export to European countries.