Success Stories

Carver India - Delinter Controller
Carver USA, a world leader in Cotton Delinting machines, has standardized on Delinter Controllers developed by Intsys for their machines sold in India. The indigenous controllers have been acknowledged to be technologically much advanced to the imported controllers, besides being economically cost effective.

Godfrey Philips India – Japanese Translator
A unique solution for translating Japanese text displays to English was developed for Godfrey Philips India. The online translator was required to comprehend the Japanese text displays in their Vending machines imported from Fuji, Japan.

ABB – Protocol Converters
ABB, a respected name in Industrial Automation has been using our tailor made Protocol converters for interfacing legacy Laser sensors to their PLCs for their crane weighing systems.

Philips India – Protocol Converters
We developed Protocol converters for interfacing X-ray spectrometer supplied by Philips-Holland with ABB DCS. The Philips system had a proprietary interface and could not be connected to the DCS.

Ordinance Factory - Speed measurement system.
The Ordinance factory, Ambernath required a solution to their problem of high rejections in the aluminum shell extraction process. We studied the process and developed an Electro-mechanical system to detect, display and thereby control the extruder linear speed with an accuracy of 0,01mm/sec.

Mahindra & Mahindra – Protocol Converters
We carried out Protocol Conversion for interfacing an imported Punching machine to the Plant Automation system.

Pantaloon Retail (I) Ltd- Barcode generation system
We implemented the complete retail automation solution for Pantaloon, complete with interfacing counter weighing scales and barcode generation systems to their centralized database.

A&D India - Controller display
An economical display solution was designed for M/s A&D India, resulting is cost savings of over 70% over their imported display solution which was proving to un-economical for the Indian market.

Myoyanke USA – Hand held Smart card readers
The complete solution chain for a web based smart card based customer loyalty program was designed for Myoyanke USA. A customized hand-held smart card reader was developed for this project to meet the unique requirements of the project.