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Total Number of Employees


Type of readers required


Number of locations


Proposed location of Attendance software


Are the locations (different offices / premises)
interconnected by LAN / WAN / MAN


Typical expected timeframe for system delivery


Is access control required?


Number of entries / Exits for employees


Type of entry / exits


Number of shifts (Including general shift)


Card based system


Time Attendance system or Access
Control System or Both is required


Specify which readers are to be used for Time
Attendance & for Access Control. (In case of Smart
cards, Whether with or without keypad and display)


Availibility of LAN points where these
readers are to be installed


LAN availablity of LAN between all the readers &
the central server where the centralized software
is to be installed.


Availability of power points at all locations where
readers are to be installed


Backend database specific if any.
(Our software is developed for MS-SQL backend)