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Are there any measures taken for Fire Protection
in your premise? If yes, Kindly list the same.


Has there been any case of emergencies in
the past. Specify.


Specify the core area in your premise that needs to
be Fire Protected. (Attach the sketch of the area.)


Type of manufacturing or office premise.


Number of people working in the office.


Number of exits in case of emergencies.


Are the employees trained to deal with
emergency situations?


Type of Fire Dousing required.

Foam Water

Please list from the below given options the requirement that the office has:

Water Sprinklers Continuous / Intermittent
Foam Sprinklers
Smoke Detectors
Fire Separator Curtains
Flexible Escape Chutes
Sound Hooters
Video Surveillance
SMS alerts & Auto dialling facility to emergency numbers
Fluorescent Evacuation Display Boards.

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