Plant Design, Consultancy & Project Management Services

We provide Plant design consultancy services for Batch Plants & Warehousing
solutions. Our wide engineering & process expertise in Batching & Warehousing
systems along with dedicated human resources allows us to offer, complete Plant
Design Consultancy & Project Management services.

SPT Bauchemie, Dubai
We designed and engineered a full fledged Construction Chemical Plant having
manufacturing facilities for,
  • Dry Mix powders
  • Admixtures
  • Epoxy & Sealants
  • Raw Materials & Finished goods Warehouse

Sika, India
We have carried out a detailed feasibility study and modernization plan for Dry-mix, Ad-
mixtures, Resins, Sealants and Warehousing plant for Sika at Goa.

Pantaloon Retail India Ltd
We have designed and supplied a complete heavy duty storage racking systems to
Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, for their warehouse in Mumbai.

Degustibus Hospitality
Degustibus Hospitality, owning a chain of luxury hotels had appointed us for designing
and supplying Warehousing & Storage equipments regularly to.

Transweigh (India) Ltd.
We managed a complete Sludge Agglomeration Project for Essar Ltd. The Order was
awarded to Transweigh India Ltd. , a Joint venture company with Pfister GMBH who
appointed us as the Project Management Team.

We have undertaken management of various 3rd party Projects for our customers.
These projects involved,
  • Managing approvals of engineering designs with end customers
  • Vendor development
  • Placement of Purchase orders
  • Material procurement
  • Inspection & Dispatch