CCTV Surveillance with Video Analytics and Networking.

Intsys has installed many IP CCTV systems in different industries for more than 10 years now. While OEMs are now focussing on IP Based CCTV Solutions as an answer to their surveillance needs, some are still dependent on Analog technology. Analog CCTV solutions do offer basic surveillance. However their ability to respond to urgencies is curtailed by low-resolution imaging and the limitations of decentralized control centres. Companies which have chosen to go the IP Way are enjoying the benefits that IP cameras get with them.Intsys also assists such companies by creating a smooth transition from Analog to IP solutions. By offering Affordable, Scalable IP solutions, Intsys helps its customers to adopt and adapt to this new technology with ease. Intsys offers a host of Analytics with surveillance viz. Trip Wire, Trespass, Camera Tampering, Loitering Detection, Tailgating Detection, Left Object Detection, Continuous Auto PTZ Tracking, Semi Auto PTZ, PTZ Handoff, Crowd Detection, Crowd Counting, Crowd Flow Detection, Video Smoke Detection, Video Fire Detection, Sail & Fall Detection, Gesture Recognition, Video stitching, Video stability, Object Classification, Privacy/Face Masking, Multi Tracking, People Counting, Reporting & Analysis, Queue Management, Cup / Beverage counting, Vehicle Counting, Wrong Way Detection, Illegal Parking Detection, Speed Detection, Congestion Detection, Parking Management, Licence Plate Detection, Face Detection & Capture, Age Detection, Gender Detection, Heat Map, Flow Map, Meta Data analysis. Coupled to this, we also carry out complete networking solutions for transferring data through OFC Cables, monitored through servers and stored on a NAS Box.

Some recent installations are..

1. 300 Cameras for an Automobile company spread over 300 Acres with a Command Control Centre.

2. 165 Cameras for a Heritage site spread over 4 Kms with a Video Analytics and a Central Monitoring Station.

3. 5000 Cameras spread over 200 locations Pan India for an E-Retail Company

4. 135 Cameras for Surveying the Largest Mall in North of India.